Prince George's Council 2809
Charity Corporation, Inc.

It's Official!

On June 15, 2014 a ten year application quest was accomplished. The IRS granted our Council's request to have a 501 (C) (3) Charity Corporation at our Council. This Charity Corporation is a vision of our past Grand Knight Tom Lank. This Charity Corporation was established to assist the Grand Knight with the numerous Charity requests entering the Grand Knight's office on a daily basis. The Charity Corporation will evaluate each request and assist each requester in the best way possible as outlined by the rules and regulations we have adopted and that are set by the IRS. We hope to help our members and the parishioners of the Churches which feed into our Council, in a time need.

At the time the Charity Corporation was first established, we focused on helping our members in one of three different ways 1) General Fund , which assist our members finically in getting back on their feet, 2) School Tuition Assistance, which assists our members in providing a catholic education to their children, or 3) Elderly Assistance, which assists our older members with medical assistance from helping buy medications to aiding in any way in building a ramp to a members house in order for the member to get out of their house and go to the doctors. At this time, until we can raise a more substantial amount of money, we plan on sticking with the three listed focus areas. The names of the individuals to whom we provide assistance will be kept private.

I want to acknowledge the people who have helped make this moment possible. These people are Steve LaPointe, our former Treasurer, John Landicho, our past Grand Knight and current Charity Corp. Financial Advisor; Kathy Landicho, past Charity Corp. members (Tony Pauletti, Jay Konar, Peter Sonski, Mike Stepowany); Bob Callaway, our former Benefits Advisor; Bob Monagan, our current Benefits Advisor; Thomas Lank, FDD, PGK, our Advocate, and creator; Dick Bissell, PGK; and our current Charity Corporation members (Jay O'Hare; Hugh O' Donnell, PGK; Deacon Willis Wolfe; Msgr Joaquin Bazan; Joe Cole, PGK; and Frank Lattanzi, PGK).

In the next upcoming weeks we will be holding elections for the Charity Corp. If you would like to join the Charity Corp. please contact Joe Scafone at

If you would like to make a donation to the Charity Corp. please place it in an envelope marked, Prince Georges Council No. 2809 Charities, Inc. and leave the envelope with the bartender. If you are writing a check or money order, please make any checks or money orders out to:

Prince Georges Council No. 2809 Charities, Inc.

9450 Cherry Hill Rd., College Park MD, 20740

In the memo line of the check or money order or on a separate sheet of paper please write what you would like your donation used for. The selections are 1) General Fund; 2) School Tuition Assistance; or 3) Elderly Assistance. In the envelope with your donation, please leave your name and address so we can send you a receipt for your donation for your taxes.